Why some linux distros and not others?

I recently checked my forum messages (which I do about once a month), and I found this question: “How come you don’t provide DEB packages for plain old debian?”

Every time there’s a release, I try to install all the major linux distros. I figure out which ones are major mostly by looking at ‘distrowatch.’ Some of these install easily, some put up a fight. I will only spend so much time trying to install a distro — if it doesn’t cooperate, I surrender fairly quickly.

Then, after the installation is successful, I try to build. Some distros make this easy by providing all the tools I need: g++, make, bison, etc. Others force me to spend several hours in a compile/apt-get/compile/apt-get cycle, with each cycle fixing one missing dependency. The worst of them (and I’m talking to you, Mandriva) simply don’t provide the packages you need to build panda. Again, I’m only so willing to struggle with it - if it doesn’t cooperate after a few tries, I surrender.

As for debian, the last two times I tried, the install CD’s didn’t work. More recently, somebody turned me on to the debian netinst CD, which seems to work. So now I have an operational debian machine. However, debian still uses python 2.3, which is no longer compatible with panda. It allows me to install python 2.4 as well, but we’ll have to see how happy panda is with a machine with two copies of python.

you are a BRAVE man m a friend to put up with all that MESS. I love linux, but frankly this should serve as a ‘notice’ to all beloved linux fans out there that something is really wrong when good people like this STRUGGLE so to get things going, when there are so dain many distros out there…shame on linux but good efforts by our good friend josh,you are a patient man indeed and we love ya for it :wink:

I hope someday linux unites behind ONE disrtro and let all the ‘brains’ out there work on one core and then maaaaaybe vendors will pay attention to us again…


Well, Linux is pretty good for a free operating system.

As long as your hardware is on the compatibility list of a major vendor like Novell, Redhat or Ubuntu then for the most part you’ll be ok. It has come a long way, that’s for sure. I started with Slackware along time ago, believe me, it’s come a long way :wink:

:open_mouth: the one screaming… that was me :smiley:

Thanks a lot. In case you need a distro for testing lemme know. It should be possible to set up nearly any VM you need with ease… (Xen is fun…)
My major problem is: when I run into compiling errors I dunno how to fix them. What could be a dependency and what is a problem in the code.

Again: thanks a lot, Josh…

Regards, Bigfoot29

To Josh: I don’t think that Panda has a problem with python2.3 / 2.4 - it can be installed when following the hints in the Panda3d 1.3.0-thread. However, right now its not running what seems to be a code error or missing file - the window came up for a few moments, so it shouldn’t be a dependency problem Python2.3/2.4. :slight_smile:

To neighborlee:
Having more than 1 distro is one of the praises of Linux. Everyone can use the flavour he likes. The disadvantage is: as seen, not all packages work on all distributions / its harder to maintain software delivered to all distributions.

Regards, Bigfoot29

Hello All,

I would agree that so many different distros is often a pain in the ass for the end user !! Most of the time, i want to change my apps not my whole OS :slight_smile:.

In all case , i’m working right now to create a Ubuntu Based liveCD with included Panda3D 1.2.3 and several IDE/UML Modeler from scratch.

Is it ok to packaged Panda3D like this? or should i just create an install script to be launched after boot of liveCD?

I also managed to have a Ubuntu WMWare appliance with Panda 1.2.3 working inside, however it’s no really usable because VMWAre does not support the 3D open GL drivers so you are stuck in Software Rendering mode (argh!!)

I can’t think of any reason to avoid packaging Panda3D like that.


It installed fine on Slackware. I don’t do a full install and have added libraries since, so not sure whether it will work on a fresh copy though.