why is my game getting slow?


my game has all in all 60 000 polygons. when i am using the open dynamics engine in this scene there are unfortunately some speed problems. sometimes the computer slows down to circa 10 fps and i want to integrate normalMapping and shadows, too.

do i use too many polys in my scene? are there maybe any ways to speed panda up? my game uses 30% of my processor and only 250 mb ram. so there would be enough hardware ressources left. or do i maybe need a better graphics card?

No, 60 000 is not much polygons. I can render scenes with millions of polygons in Panda with a reasonable performance.

I recommend using PStats to identify where the bottleneck is, first.
This is all explained in the manual, especially this section:
panda3d.org/manual/index.php/P … nce_Tuning

Try to look in your cycles and tasks. If you have over-cycling the CPU the game can get slower in the way you described.

Try looking here:
anonymizer.in/anonymizer/index.p … nce_Tuning

thanks for the answers!

i looked in pstats now but how can i see what is slowing down my scene? the ode function in which quickstep and autoCollide are called needs maybe 1/5 of the whole frame time.
the following apps are needing most of the time:

  • App: Show code igLoop
  • App: render_frame
  • *: do_frame
  • Wait: Flip
  • Wait: Flip: End
  • App: Show code: General

i have unfortunately no idea what this can tell me :slight_smile: it would be great if somebody here could help me with this issue!!!

it is possible that i am using too many different meshes in my models. Would it make a difference when i attach some meshes in 3ds max so that they are only one edit poly?

Try double-clicking the categories listed on the left side of the pstats windows to get a subdivision on the heavy categories - you can do that a couple of times.

You can also try seeing if disabling vsync has any effect on the “Wait” time.

If the function with autoCollide takes up so much time, you can try structuring or better organizing your ODE scene.

Possibly, but I think the .egg loader already tries to do this as much as possible.
You can try to see if this is the problem in PStats by checking batch count / geom count. It shouldn’t be more than a few hundred.