Who wants to make a RTS game?

Hi, i’m one of the other people helping in that project. Here I post some models we have

yes, those are models from the last attempt of our game… we are thinking we will redo them, because the poly count was a bit high on some of those models, and also because we want to use more modern weaponry in this attempt.

right now, we are going to work on learning python and panda3D… i have made some headway on it recently and am a bit more confident in my scripting abilities.

The models all seem to lack proper texturing. I’m curious – have you had any experience modeling and texturing game environments?

I agree with everybody else. Start small. Make a tech demo with very basic game logic, showcasing your expertise in game art and sound editing.

yes, i was in the process of texturing them before my laptop was stolen. we are starting small, we figure the best thing we can do is to make a limited version of the game to build from… rather than trying to make the whole game all at once, we will make a simple version first and build off of it and learn as we go.