Hey all,
Just here posting our midterm project. It is a complete game with almost all bugs flushed out. Our game is WhiteWash and its an action snowball fighting game setup in and isometric battle arena. It is only a one player game but you can have up to three opponents that are AI controlled. There are also spawning upgrades that alter your weaponry or stats.

Here’s a (small) screenshot:

Here’s a link to the download request of the zip file of our directory(-_-):

And the installer package:


P.S. These are the updated links. Everyone is free to use the source or play the game. If there are any questions feel free to email me at supreme-ruler@hotmail.com.

To listen for a generic button press, call:


And then listen for event ‘foo’ (or whatever you want to call it). It will come along with a parameter, which will be the name of the button that was pressed.


Thanks, that is something we can put to good use.

I remembered a few more questions i had:
on an administrative/licensing note- in our intro/logos/splash screen we wanted to credit Panda3D as the game engine used to make the game, but I could not find a suitable (larger than 40x pxl) icon or image of a Panda3D logo to use…so on to the question: is there actually a logo we are supposed to use for such occasions, are we allowed to display the panda logo on our games, and if no-yes are we allowed to make our own panda-ish logo (like i did)?

the other question/statement was that our group has decided to allow the use of our game in tutorials, examples, and such once we are done and comment the crap out of it…and I was wondering what it takes to write-up, advertise?, and display such a game tutorial/example, particularly within the panda3d community?


There is no legal requirement that you display a Panda3D logo, or indeed even mention Panda3D at all, in your application. However, I’m sure the Panda3D community would benefit if you did.

As to where to find such a logo, I’ll have to defer to our friends at CMU for that answer; unfortunately, they don’t have a major presence on these forums since Josh moved on. I’ll contact them and let you know what they say.

For posting your finished application to the Panda3D community, providing a link on this forum is a great first step. If you’re willing to continue to support it through future versions of Panda, and post updated links as needed, all the better. :slight_smile:


I did not find a good and presentable panda3d logo. So in calibration with other people we came up with this:

Its featured on the launchpad page launchpad.net/panda3d

Note this is NOT official, there isn’t really an official one.

Logo thread:


Hey, thanks for the notes.

I know that it is not required of us to put the panda logos on our games, I just figured it would be an adequate way of “giving back to the community” by showing what the engine can do. I also figured that I should at least check and run any logos by the uppers to at least make sure that it isn’t something of a shameful logo…that being said here’s what I’ve come up with so far after throwing in some things:

Hope it meets everyone’s approval…anyone is free to use it…let me know if you want any changes or the source .psd file to do your own.