Which software do you use to create your animated models?

My current setup is slowly driving me insane. It was obviously never meant to be used with this engine. I’m pretty sure -I’m- the one doing something wrong, but before I waste a few more days trying to get this working, I was wondering what everyone else uses to create their animated 3D models…without driving themselves up the wall.

Maya and Blender are the most commonly used tools for creating animated models for Panda, but other tools like 3D Studio Max or Milkshape can be used too. Refer to the manual; scroll way down to the “Model Export” section.

Thanks to the x2egg converter almost any 3D software can be used really. What tool are you using that is driving you insane?


Blender, but I was mostly trying to use free animated models from the internet. The problem is probably from the models themselves, thankfully I found a good blender tutorial, so hopefully I can get a bit more knowledge before investigating the problem myself.


I bet they used the parent-to-model way of assigning armatures instead of the armature modifier. The modifier way is required by Chicken.

Pro-rsoft, you wouldn’t happen to know where I can find a list of similar pitfalls like the one you mentioned? It would be a major help.

Not aware of any (though it sounds like a good idea to have one). But I’m sure it’s all covered in the chicken manual.