Which Shader language does Panda3D support?

I noticed that Panda3D has three rendering pipelines which includde OpenGL, DirectX or TinyPanda (software) rendering.
Because Panda3D has support for OpenGL and DirectX, so I have three questions:

  1. Does Panda3D engine is Shader based?
  2. Which version of OpenGL and DirectX does Panda3D support?
  3. Because there are GLSL for OpenGL, HLSL for DirectX, and NVIDIA Cg, which Shader does Panda3D use and support?

Panda3D supports both GLSL and Cg. You can use Cg if you wish for compatibility with both systems, or GLSL if you only want to support GLSL.

Panda3D does not use shaders by default, but you can enable the shader generator to get access to more advanced features such as per-pixel lighting, shadows, normal maps, etc.

Cg is syntactically very similar to HLSL, as it happens.

I will try to answer, but I can mistake in some questions because Panda is evolving and changing.

  1. Panda supports both fixed function pipeline and shaders
    2 Not sure, but as I know - DX 8, 9, however mostly used Opengl because panda is cross-platform engine.
    3 Cg and GLSL. Both has some limitations
    panda3d.org/manual/index.php … imitations

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