Which Is Better Design?

When creating and exporting Geometry that will serve as a Collision Barrier (collision polygon) for surrounding a larger Model, should those Barriers be smaller pieces that’ll make up the whole Barrier or is it ok to just create one large Barrier that’ll enclose the entire Model.

What I’m asking is… Does Panda treat a bunch of smaller Collision Polygons Models faster than Treating one enormous size Collision Polygon Model?

You would think one Model would be fastest, but I’ve noticed some different fluctuations as I played around with it…but hard to tell which is fastest.

Having lots of small triangles in a properly optimized octree is faster if they are going to be checked alot like a level. If you are going to be using it for picking or rare collisions having them all in one node is faster.

Checkout my eggOctree scripts github.com/treeform/eggOctree