Where is the site-packages folder under Fedora 6

After installing Panda3D on Fedora 6, I am not able to find the “site-packages” folder under /usr/lib/panda3d.

I hope to setup a custom package, the Twisted network package. Where it should be settled? If installing it directly, it would be set under the default python system in FC6, which is not what I want.


I did ppython, import sys, sys.path and found that Panda3d is using the same folder location (site-packages) shared with the system built-in python package as /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages.

So I put Twisted there and it worked. Is this the way Panda3d supposed to be on FC6 ?

Panda3D is just one more python package among many. So yes, it installs itself into the standard python directory.