Where is the 3ds max exporter?

Could somebody please tell me where I can find the 3ds max exporter, I looked in the Downloads section and in the manual, but I couldn’t find it.

Also, from reading the manual, it looks like the exporter might be in a file format that I’m not very familiar with, so could you also tell me which 3ds max directory I should install it to (I usually put stuff like this in either the Scripts or Plugins directory).

Thanks a lot.

First, install panda3d.

You will find the max exporter in the directory containing panda3d, under “plugins.” The file you want is “maxegg5.dlo”, “maxegg6.dlo”, or “maxegg7.dlo”, depending on whether you have Max 5, Max 6, or Max 7. You need to put this file into the max plugins directory.

Thanks very much Josh, I found it :smiley: .