where does panda get installed to in linux


sorry for my ignorance but I am extremely new to linux and I’m having difficulty locating where exactly panda was installed to. I am using ubuntu and I copied the .deb file to my desktop and just double clicked it. It appeared as though the panda package was installed. Where is the panda folder with samples and so on?


You might want to check one of the following directories:

you can also try the following on the console:

sudo updatedb (that command will ask you for your password again)
locate panda3d (that command will find everything that has panda3d in its name)

Isn’t there a “where” command, at least in the tcsh shell?

enn0x: not in bash :wink: and I think he uses bash, which is default in Ubuntu 8)

right - but there is a command called “whereis”


whereis panda3d

would do the job :slight_smile:


(means you will find e.g. examples in /usr/share/panda3d/samples)

Regards, Bigfoot29