Where do I find samples? /usr/local/panda3d/samples empty

I’ve installed Panda3D on Ubuntu 13.10 32 bit and inside of the /usr/local/panda3d don’t have the samples folder as doc clearly says.

I was also trying to install Windows version and on Windows there is samples folder, but it’s empty.

Am I missing something? Thanks

How did you build? The source code from CVS does not include the samples, you need to get that separately from the SDK download page - you can either copy it manually to the right destination, or have it in the Panda3D source directory while you’re building.

It should also be in /usr/share/panda3d/samples if you installed Panda3D correctly using the installer.

I’ve built that using:

makepanda/makepanda.py --everything --installer

Then I’ve installed the SDK using dpkg.

On Windows I’ve just run .exe and installed the SDK.

No luck. Anyway I would appreciate if anyone can upload samples somewhere.

EDIT: Found it in sources. That should be the first thing to check. Thanks for help :slight_smile: