Where can I get animation & models free?

Hey, I was hoping someone could help me out on some testing of panda 3d by turning me to either a good free site for models or could give me some. I would also like some animations too for em so I can understand how the animation works. It doesnt matter for say what the models look like, but I would like some thing for maybe a mmo type game? (Sorta life like toons, example FFXI, WOW…).

So you want blender models, 3ds, x, or egg models ?

Here are a few sites:

Probably you can google a lot of site that can provide you a lot of models.

I suggest you go through the tutorials of your modeler to make models by yourself. Otherwise you will have a lot of problems later even you get the free models from the net.

Oh I can make my own models, I made my own town, but making models takes most of my time and if I can get some thing to just “stand” in for me it help speed up the process instead of working little by little.

3ds, x, or egg models will work the best too.

If this helps, some elements shouldn’t be modeled. Like far-far away mountains, far-far away towns, trees, ground and etc. For some things you can use this awsome trick:

  1. Take a(some) photo(s) of the object u need(here a leaf), sometimes from as much as possible angles.
  2. Create a ‘card’(simply, 2 quads) with the cardmaker
  3. Cut the object from the photo
  4. Apply the picture to the card
  5. Apply the billboard effect to it
  6. Make the picture change to the another object’s photo from another angle when the camera sees it from another angle too(uff)

For standins I usually just use primitive shapes - a bunch of colour coded spheres for instance. Ok, its not pretty, but then do you want to waste time choosing and massaging free stuff in when your intention is to replace it latter anyway?

Sometimes it really helps to get a better feel for the game if you have more realistic standins. Testing with colored spheres doesn’t sound very fun to me. Maybe more productive though :slight_smile:

www.turbosquid.com - some models are free, some are cheap.
www.sharecg.com - there’s some nice stuff here, but finding it may take more time then making them from scratch.

What about pulling some quality models from open source games? I have often wondered if one could legally reuse the models from, for example, Glest in an open source Panda3D game.