When getting DisplayWidth/getDisplayHeight fail

Does anyone know under what circumstances getDisplayWidth/getDisplayHeight may fail and return 0?
(On Windows, panda 1.8.1)


These values are determined by calling the Win32 API function GetSystemMetrics with arguments SM_CXSCREEN and SM_CYSCREEN.

I find it hard to imagine that these functions would fail and return 0 unless there was something wrong with the display configuration, or no monitors were plugged in, or something of the sort.

Thanks. It’s possible that in some PCs with 2 monitors is returning the sum of them?
I have 2 but in my case is working fine.

And there is a way to know the number of display monitors? (i saw in your link a value SM_CMONITORS)

Hmm, not that I’m aware of, at present. You could use ctypes to access that Windows API function directly.

Ok, thanks rdb.