What's your impression and is Panda able to do THIS

I was amazed by this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_XmxdM4CXQ
I saw that Panda can do few of these stuff as for texturing but the story with the “how render characters with millions of poly” … Wow.
I don’t fully understand how they manage to do that ?
An average mesh created via (very-high-poly and a low-poly) two other meshes, how can they do that ?
Is Panda able to do so ?

They use backing and normal maps to render high polychars. Nothing new.
Backing is done in your 3d editor not in a 3d engine.

Yeah, that is ancient technology, which Panda of course fully supports. I use normal mapping all the time to make a low-res model appear as if it has millions of polygons.

Blender3D’s multires modeling is a great help here - when using this feature, you can cycle between the different resolutions anytime and bake the difference between two of them into a normal map.

Agree with you for a basic textures or maybe a map. for that, yes, we can fake the 3d effects but not for a real 3d character as they did.

Edit: just red pro-soft update…
So, it’s possible to use characters which are not in low poly. Euh… searching for it…

I don’t see any difference between the way they do it and the way Panda does it.

The cvs head of Panda3D also has “virtual displacement mapping” as they call it.

why not??
3d characters are just the same as 3d maps. triangles, texture normalmaps. the same techniques apply to it. you can take a high-poly model in blender, and low poly one, bake the difference as normal map. throw it into panda. and it will work. no matter if it static or animated.

since the basic principles always apply you can use my “almost old” how-to for blender
it doesnt contain eye-candy but the principles are the same no matter what you use. feel free to try it on your own 5mio poly characters :slight_smile:

I´ve seen people said, unreal did, unreal that and blablabla…
But people forget about “artists”. Pro-modelling, Pro-designer and Pro-animation can (and) make all diference. ID software a lot of profissional people in your team, hundred of them to make this “corridor run”.

Unreal is very good, but panda is very good too. What engine let you make and publish, without pay, your game made for you and 2 friends ?

hmm Unreal is made by Epic not ID.

But what you say is valid. Art and people who make art makes a huge difference in how stuff looks - because thats what their job is.

Whoops :open_mouth: … i said ID … er … well … Epic :laughing: :wink: