What's wrong with this .egg file?

I’ve generated an Egg file, because I wanted to test my parser and the panda3d.egg modules. When opening it in pview I get the Warning:
:framework(warning): Empty bounding volume for models
And the model won’t show up. Even in wireframe, if as there were no vertices, but there are. I think there’s an Error in my Egg-Syntax. I’ve uploaded the Egg-FIle. It would be very kind if someone could take a look at this simple egg file and tell me what’s wrong with it.


Thanks in advance :wink:

All three vertices are colinear, so the polygon has an area of 0. This means it is optimized out by the .egg loader, and it ends up with no geometry.

Changing one of the vertices to not be colinear with the other two makes the error go away.