Whats wrong with panda?

I download the latist version of panda and I try to run sample programs like “Asteroids” and It comes up like a comand prompt and then is gone. In like 1 second whats going on. Im just tying to get pand to run?


The sample programs use python, and so by default will use the command prompt for displaying errors. The bat files you’re running don’t have anything telling command prompt to stay open.

To see the errors you can either do:
Either do start menu>run: cmd.exe
and execute the bat you are trying to run…

Edit the bat files to have “pause” on the last line.

Or run python with the -i option.

or dont use windows :slight_smile:

Simply open the .bat or .cmd and at the end hit enter a write:


That way you can see what happend and still use the moue to click on it.

Or just run the stuff from within the commandline.

Ok, I dont understand can some one give me step by step directions please.


I run all my python code from the command line, so if it was me I would do something like this:

Click Start
Open the “all programs” menu
Open the “accessories” menu
Open “Command Prompt”

This should open a black dos window

Type “cd panda3d-1.5.2” ( all without quotes)
Type “cd samples”
Type “cd asteroids”
Type “python Tut-asteroids.py” (I actually use ppython tut-asteroids but you probably wont)

Hope this helps.

Wait, the cmd usually starts at the home directory, right?
So, Instead of this:
“cd panda3d-1.5.2”
Use this:
“cd c:\panda3d-1.5.2”

I have the same problem when I double click on a py file. Then I remember to start up my IDE (I use PyPE 2.8.8), open the py file (File.Open), and then run it (File.Run Current File).