what's the coordinate in panda?

1 What’s the coordinate in panda
|________ X and in the screen is Z,or out the screen is Z?

so what’s the coordiante in panda?

2 setHpr, what’s H P R? I cann’t understand the content in reference.
Does it like the “glrotatef” function in OpenGL? And glrotatef function’s parameters are X,Y,Z , so what about H,P,R?[/img]

hpr means “head, pitch, roll” :

discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php … pitch+roll

for the coordinate in panda, a quick search in the manual give:

Like you said, and Z is in the screen.

Panda uses Z-up right-handed, to be precise. (I believe its possible to change that though, using base.win.getGsg().setCoordinateSystem but I’ve never attempted that.)

HPR is actually Heading, Pitch and Roll – Heading meaning the same as Yaw, but since setY was already used for the Y position, they chose a different name to avoid confusion.