What's more difficult for You?

That’s a good question to ask, since it varies so much from young developer to young developer.

So which is more difficult to produce:

  • Graphics
  • Textures
  • Working Code
  • Quality Sound Effects
  • Killer Sound Track

If I were to ask myself the question, the top three choices would be eliminated. So that would leave sound and sound track. Well, it has been a long time since I composed any Music on a PC. The last time I did it I did it very well. I wanted to get better at it so I learned some basics about music composing and that help greatly.

I plan on taking several months to compose Music after my current project is completed. I’ll really have to get back into the groove of things, so that’s why I’m willing to spend months coming up with a Top Notch Sound Track; I have to knock off the rust first.

I would say quality sound effects is probably the most work for me, since I usually use a variety of sound modifying software to create one realistic sound. Created sounds usually create a lot of tweaking for me and thus can be time consuming. Creating Music is too, but once I knock off the rust, I’m usually pretty quick when it comes to composing. The hardest thing for me and music is coming up with the melody.

The melody is the foundation for me. Base, Rhythm and Drums are created to support the Melody, at least that’s how I do it and that method has served me well. Rhythm is a support for Melody anyway and should go hand an hand with it. Each piece of the four can be composed with a single instrument (simple composing) or with several instruments (master piece).

Creating sounds definitely takes me longer. Although there are a lot of small companies and individuals selling sound effects professionally on CD. If you’re going to buy these sounds, I would suggest sampling a few, because I’ve found out a lot of those so called professional sounds aren’t so professional. The better ones usually cost more, which is no surprise.

Giving the fact developing longer commercial like projects is no stranger to me, I find the biggest battle being Myself. Yep… Once you’ve been at it for some months, the work will take its toll on you. You have to be prepared mentally in order to get through it all and to not slide down hill at any point in development. Taking a couple to several days off also helps a lot.

It’s getting very close to the one year mark now for my project. This last four months of 2011 will be very important for me. How much I get done in those four months will determine how many months I burn in 2012. My goal is to get the title in the hands of a publisher at some point in 2012. Since Christmas is in December, I pretty much have the majority of 2012, but have to get it done in reasonable time if the game is going to be in stores for the end of the 2012 year.

Only time will tell.

I think the most difficult thing is to keep cohesion inside and between all of these.

Making one model is easy (at least technically), but making tens of them while having unity and graphic cohesion between them and with music/sounds is very hard for a sole person.

Being the only one working on a project, from graphics to code to music, is really really hard because you can’t think outside the box well enough; besides this, teams are far stronger, two brains > one :laughing:.

graphics, I can’t do them and I can’t find anyone that know what to do.