What modeler do the panda developers use?


I am racking my brain trying to figure out what the most compatable 3d modeler would be for panda.

The 3d studio max page in the docs say that the exporter is buggy and crashes.

The XSI exporter doesnt exist.

I hate blender and anim8tor after using professioanl software.

Then i read on a post by one of the guys that writes panda 3d that none of the staff use XSI so i am wondering what tool they use?

What is the most comapatable modeler for panda? Do any of them just let you make a model, texture it, export it and load directly into panda without problem?

Thanks for any info

i used blender as a coder, my artists use max. They export from max with only a few problems.


I might give blender one last try.

Is this its website: blender.org/

It seems to be down, or has it moved? Does that link work for anyone?


No, that’s it. It doesn’t work for me either though. The site must just be down because I’m pretty sure it hasn’t moved.

Is there any reason you need access right now?

If you just need the binaries and you’re running Linux you could still get them from the repositories. If you’re using windows you could probably still get it off download.com.

If you need tutorials or something there are lots of other websites that have better offerings than blender.org does anyway.


I just wanted to check out the site to read up on it and get the windows installer.

I will just wait for it to come back up.


She’s back up :slight_smile:

To answer your question, we all use Maya.

Great, thanks Josh.

So i am guessing that maya support is the best then? No problems with exporting and importing?



Cool :slight_smile:

Thank you