What kind of game is built in the Beginner's Guide?


I’m considering the Panda3D 1.6 Game Engine Beginner’s Guide. I was wondering what kind of game the author helps you create over the course of the book. All I can tell from the table of contents is that it includes guns.

Can anyone who has the book tell me? Is it a first or third person shooter? If so, how useful will the book be to someone wanting to make an adventure game? (I’m sure it’s close enough in the long run, but how close?)


(forum ate my first attempt posting this, hope this isn’t a dupe)

it’s a futuristic racing game with hovering vehicles :slight_smile:

Thanks Loschi. Quite different, but I’m sure it’ll still be useful.

Keep in mind that Packt’s books (even though they don’t advertise it) are written for Windows users only.