What is the shape for class CollisionDSSolid?

Hi all!

Apparently, there is a collision solid I haven’t seen before: CollisionDSSolid. Its shape is “made up of the intersection of two spheres (potentially a lens) and two half-spaces (planes).”

Can someone help me understand what the shape described is? I understand how the two spheres can combine to be a lens-shape, but I’m utterly blanking on how the planes would then interact.

Just a guess, but maybe a pie-wedge shape cut from a lens? A single half plane can take any solid and divide it in two a long a single cut, so two half planes provide two cuts. I can’t say for sure without more info though, as two half planes could be used in infinitely many ways.

From the looks of the class documentation the planes and the spheres can be set completely arbitrarily, so there are lots of potential possibilities. I’m not really sure what the motivation is for such a solid.

Just a thought off the top of my head, but you could fix the radius of the spheres, and use the radius to represent the length and breadth of a weapon.

The plane angles could move according to the movement of the character, and the attacks and whatnot, giving you a fairly realistic estimation of a long object without using a complicated collision mesh.

You could use the same model for lots of different weapon types, with length and breadth being the only changeable attributes.