what is the best python / panda ide outhere

I have ubuntu 64bit 9.10 both eric idle and stans python editors crash on me. I don’t want to use just text editors so what is the best all around IDE for python on ubuntu 9.1 64?

I’m really enjoying Eclipse + PyDev.


I had read that post already- I was meaning an IDE that doesn’t crash under ubuntu 9.10 64 bit.

I am trying dr. python now- it hasn’t crashed yet.


That is odd because I am also running karmic 64 and eric is running fine. You might want to try running those programs from a terminal so you can get the crash error output.

scite has 64 bit compatibility. It will do what you need, and it’s tons less bulky than eclipse.

Try geany. It’s in the ubuntu repo’s and doesn’t crash for me on 64-bits ubuntu karmic.

Well after trying all the suggestions, I have found that Dr. Python works the best for me on my version of ubuntu 9.10 64bit- not one crash. Geany also works well.

JB SKaggs


jbskaggs: It would still be good if you posted there. Telling us that many of them break on Ubuntu x64 might help others in their decision pro or against one of the IDEs mentioned there. :wink:

Sorry, but I can’t provide a solution to the discussion itself… its just the usual ranting. :wink:

Regards, Bigfoot29

SPE doesn’t give a message- it just closes.

Eric Python says invalid memory access

I just started after I upgraded to 9.1

Dr. Python runs flawless for me- though I edited the shortcut keys to make more like what I am use to.

JB SKaggs

Can I configure Eclipse + PyDev so that it can auto-complete code when accessing Panda modules?

vi followed by emacs?

Wing IDE is by far my favorite, and its cross platform. They have a free version, wing ide 101, for non commercial purposes.

I used gvim since I started programming and I never had any problem :slight_smile:

I’m also using WingIDE on both Windows and Linux. I’m quite happy with it.