what is the abilities of the engine?

i thought i saw some kind of link some where sateing its abilities but i went and forgot.

what i mean by its abilities is what can the engine do and stuff

Well, there is devmaster.net/engines/engine … .php?id=95 , but its a little out of date - heavy physics is now in there for instance. The other thing to do is go look at the screenshots on this site. But at the end of the day the fact that several commercial games have been made with this means that ‘enough’ is probably all you need to know;-)

the answer is simple: more than you would ever use.

panda has pretty much everything you would expect from a modern engine.
including advanced terrain algorithms (which are still in progress of getting further improved),shader support and all the neat stuff that comes with it and many others.

most remarkable features of panad are the extremly good performance-tuning tools.
they make tracking down bottlenecks very easy which helps a LOT.

what i am wanting to do why i have asked this is make it where if a player picks a certain side he is stuck with that side until a side wins and then i can unlock the locks on the side he is free to choose another side.

i also want to make it that if a player makes a another account or addition accounts that when his 2nd account or other accounts login into the server that he will go to that side that he has chosen with his first account and that he can not cheat and give his side a upper hand through spying activities.

i also want to be able to program that if he is a hacker that the gaming engine programing has a way to counter this so that a player that is use to cheating all the time will not be able to do so at any time.

what i am trying to do is to make a world war 2 first person view simulator but it will have a ground simulator like all things that you would use on the ground and air simulator like flying aircraft and other things that fly and a sea simulator things that are used at sea all into one world.

back to what i was asking i also want to know when i make a map that someone is reading in my gaming world i want to make if a player See’s something like on the ground that a mark will appear and it will say which object it is like a french heavy tank char on the map and how far away it is from the player that sees the object.

i want to promote team work for my game and so that players will have a good time enjoying playing together with there buddies and be able to enjoy themselves haveing lots of fun

i believe seeing how i am a gamer that’s turning into a programmer and hopefully modeler i feel that when someone comes home after a long hard day at work or someone that comes home from school and gets there home work done.

that they can lose themselves into another reality and hopefully forget about stuff that makes em stressed out frustrated unhappy and well you all know the rest.

that’s why i am wanting to make my game like i do

your ideas are written down in a quite confusing way. but thats pretty much basic game development.
getting distances. programming client and servers,security,cheat-prevention. most of it is not even engine-specific.

the question is not if panda can do it. but if you can programm it.

i hope that i will be able to do it because at this point i got no clue how

start small, end big.

yeah that’s the only way i can do it

is it possible to program through the code to make a model through panda 3d and then make it come alive in a gaming world?

and if so is there anything i need to know more then just programing to accomplish this objective?

why i am asking this this will save me time from having to design a mode but some how i don’t think it will be that easy

no pain, not gain

you have to model your character and write code for it so that it can come alive in the game world (that you also have to make and code).

well it IS possible to create objects using code.
in simplest case this can be primitives or something like a terrain.
but in the end its true for everything, including textures, even entire cities, characters and animations. BUT it requires an insane ammount of knowledge to get those work.
generic terrain is no big deal. building cities already is tricky but still sane if you spend enough time researching. snythetic animations are currently the latest invention you can find. natural motion engine and the such. its pretty much near-to-impossible to write something like that on your own these days.
in short. possible but depends on you, your skill, and your free time.

usualy you would use modelling software to create your game content. terrain as only common execption.

darn i was hopeing it would be easy but at least makeing terrain will be good ty again everyone