What I need to know with Maya


First of all, I’m a new member and new to Panda 3d. I’m studying it for a month or so and I start to be relatively confortable with it. 8)

I have 2 questions: :question:

-I’m a one programmer team and I must do the model myself. What do I need to know in Maya to be able to use it properly for the Panda3d use. In short, what are the concept that I must study in tutorial of Maya to be able to create models with ID and everthing I need to create a good model for Panda3d.

-How do I make animation with a model I already have (example: one from alice gallery).

I think that’s all for the moment! I’m almost a Software Engineer (one year left at school :smiling_imp: ) and I’m planning to do my final project, a game, with Panda3d and I’m also planning to let it in download for the site, if it’s possible (I read somewhere in the forum that example of game made with panda3d were wanted to help the site promote the engine)

So i will be waiting for your answers for my 2 questions! Thanks!

Please ignore my post… I start studying maya with some tutorial and discover that it was quite simple to realize great things with that!

So I’m going to do practice and I will slowly build a game engine. I’ll keep you informed!