What happened to key repeat in 1.3.0?

I have a customized camera class that I call a scene navigator that works well with 1.2.3. I upgraded to 1.3.0 today and I noticed that some of my controls aren’t behaving the same. While the alpha keys such as a,b,c,d register repeating hits when I hold them down, some special keys such as ‘+’ do not. So, instead of being able to hold down ‘+’ to repetitively increase my motion gain, I have to keep tapping the ‘+’ key in order to achieve the same effect. It wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have so many instances where I need 50 to 100 repetitive key hits …

Any ideas?

We did change the definition of keyrepeat with the latest version. Now, the first press of a key generates “a”, and while you continue to hold down the key it generates “a-repeat”, and eventually when you release the key it generates “a-up”. The same is true of the non-alphabetic keys; e.g. it generates “+”, “±repeat”, and “±up”; there’s no special-case handling of the alphabetic keys.