What fixed in 1.5.3 max exporter?

Hey! its been a while since I isolated in the remote Borneo rainforest,
so I dont know Panda now 1.5.3 version, I use 1.4.2

I notice that the max expoter are rewritten. so what fixed Now
in my experience that the previous exporter wouldn’t read any bone animation that are manually parented. I mean using parent tool. so the readable bone must be origin child and parent, by default I mean,
I mean like creating continous bone. ( I hope U understand what Im saying, I dont even sure how to explain it )

so the troubles comes when it are complex character( with leg and arm that are separately created and then parented. so I often using figure mode, even its so hard to rig though

are 1.5.3 fix this? are there any new features like glow texture maps?


1.5.3 still not supports reparenting, I believe. You need the skin or physique modifier, I think. The manual page explains it.

Yes, the exporter in 1.5.3 features glow maps.

Yes I had use skin modifier,

I mean reparent for ex: leg bone to the pelvis bone, its unreadable
export both is work

but the problem comes when you need to attach something in panda like weapon for example, since the bone is unreadable often for the arm and legs, that can’t be done. Dummy things are Unreadable as well even they important for purpose.

But fine At least there is some good news, the glow map

Well I already purchased Maya, just need to get used for my fingers on shortcut

Thanks for the reply