What exactly are Panda's networking capabilities?

What exactly does the undocumented networking code in Panda do?

If I want to create a multi-user virtual environment, say I want each player to control an avatar and be able to move around and pass text messages to other players, so that players will have to be able to see the avatar’s of other players and their movements and animations in the virtual environment, and do collision detection… how much of this will Panda do for me?


I’ve looked extensively through the network code, and I’m afraid it only offers the basic net interface and some standard protocol. Imo, a server for masive use would have to be written in a compiled language, the client code could be done through python.

I’m not interested in a server for massive use. Just a client-client system capable of supporting a virtual environment with a handful of players.

Shame Panda’s stuff is so low-level. Then again, it might make programming it more interesting.

well, when over about 6-8 players you might want to concider using a compiled language, depending on how trafic heavy your world will be ofcourse, but for real time worlds…

Hi chombee,

My friends and I are currently working on creating a multiplayer networked RTS in PANDA 3D (fine, call us insane). I have been tinkering with the high level networking API which is included within. You might be interested in reading the following threads. I have gotten some basic examples to work which came from an older release of PANDA with some tinkering as you will read in these threads:


Hopefully we can share our tribes and tribulations on getting this distributed object API to work. :slight_smile:

Is someone of you able to write a short text in the manual?
It would be great if someone do it
Thanks Martin