What 3D editor tool should I use with Panda3D

I was trying to convert a .obj with a .mtl file to .egg file through obj2egg. After conversion, when i checked the .egg file with pview, it was in all white. I am using Microsoft 3D Builder since it is pre intalled in my pc. I would be glad to hear from you where i have made a mistake. I suppose it is for MS 3D Builder, what 3D editor tool would you suggest?

Lighting does not seem to be turned on by default in pview. After pview loads the model, type ā€˜lā€™ to light it. Then it will not be a white blob anymore.

I have been using https://beta.deleddesigner.com. It can import and export OBJ. Still in beta but shows good promise.

I would recommend Blender. It is free, and used by many Panda3D users. It has several exporters available, the most mature of which is YABEE, which exports to .egg.

Blender can import .obj files, so this could be a reliable way to get these models into .egg format. The built-in obj2egg tool is very limited and does not support materials.