weird transparency error...

I have made a tree model in Blender few weeks ago. I’m having weird texture transparency problems with it in Panda3d. Basically small branches are a 2d flat planes with transparency.
Sometimes the branch planes ‘loose’ transparency, for example when one branch is in front of another. Has anone else encountered this problem?

very recently - I’d to put a 2d avatar on top of other 2d elements and I solved with this line:

avatar.setDepthWrite(True, 100)

dunno if could benefit your project as well or if it is the best overall solution though

for transparency problems. first stop is the manualpage:

Huh, I tried a model from Blender Greenhouse and there wasn’t any transparency problem…
I use GIMP, but the texture is a Blender render.
There are some settings I tried for transparency:
Buttons Window -> Links and Pipeline ->Render Pipeline -> ZTransp

Shading -> Material buttons -> Map To -> Alpha