Weird (directional, but also point-) light issue


attached is a minimal example of some lighting troubles I have. The model is exported using chicken from blender. As you can see in the .py, the light is parented to a root node that is parented to render, and the model is also parented to that root node (so, especially, the light is not parented to the model!).

Now, when I let the model rotate around the vertical axis using a hprInterval, the light does not seem to always come from the same direction. Sometimes it lights the upper part of the model, sometimes the lower part. But the model itself is rotating, in my view, the light should not change direction!

What am I doing wrong (see code at:


Try to export the model from blender again but make its RotX, RotY and RotZ equal to zero…if you want to rotate your model in blender in any direction just rotate it in edit mode not object mode to maintain the rotation values equal to zero

I hope that works

In Blender, select all your objects and use Ctrl-A and apply scale and rotation. Note that if you have any multi-user meshes, you’ll need to convert them to single-user first (Object Menu -> Make Single User -> Object and Data). Re-export and it should look better.

Yes, looks better now, thanks! :smiley: