Weird animations after Chickening

Dear forums,

I’m new with panda, and it seems really promising, but I have encountered a really odd problem.
I used blender and chicken exporter to export a simple character model with an animation.

I’ve seemingly succeeded, because the animation is actually there, but it’s really weird.

It’s hard to describe, but the armature is not moving enough vertexes, I’ll attach a screenshot to demonstrate it.

I suspect that the problem may be because I have created the armatures vertex groups from heat?

Thank you in advance,

hi, welcome to panda3d

bone heat should work. the usual suspect in this case are envelopes. those are not supported by chicken, but enabled in blender by default.

Yes, I have received a warning from the Chicken GUI and I have turned it off in the Armature modifier.

I presume that turning them off in the modifier turns them off in the individual bones as well?

this is correct. does the model move correctly in blender with envelopes off? if so , can you upload your file somewhere so we can check what’s wrong with it?

Yes, the model moves properly no matter how I set it up.
I have uploaded the .blend file, here is the URL

Thank you for the help!

As an update, I tried some fiddling around with the Armature settings, but no luck :frowning:

the chicken exporter has a warning when you try to export. it tells you that other modifiers are applied.

the one in question is “subsurf” modifier.
if you want to export subsurfed models you have to “apply” them before exporting.

so just hit the apply button and things should export just the way they show up in blender. funny model btw, sorta like it.

Thank you, it works perfectly!

And glad you like the model, the purpose was to actually make him a kind of iconic and flexible figure.