WebCamVideo Documentation

By accident I ran across Panda OpenCV in the forums. Then I found an application listing. Ran it an it worked perfectly!

Where is the documentation? Looking at the WebCamVideo API I would be hard pressed to write any code with that sparse information.

Example in the code one line uses WebcamVideo.getOption(0). Looking up get option the api states it is undocumented function. So there must be more information available.

That just means to use the default option 0 when selecting what mod you want to use…

(0)Cama1- 800,600, (1)Cama1- 1024,752…so on

if sys.platform == 'win32': 
  # manually select the video mode 
  if False: 
    print str(PandaSystem.getVersionString()) 
    print "Choose a webcam" 
    for o in range(WebcamVideo.getNumOptions()): 
      option = WebcamVideo.getOption(o) 
      print "Option %d, '%s' at %f fps" % (o, option.getName(), option.getFps()) 
    # ask the user which camera to use 
    o = int(raw_input("option>")) 
    option = WebcamVideo.getOption(o) 
    # just use the option 0 
    option = WebcamVideo.getOption(0) 

Thank you