web player with "batteries include"?

Hi people

What do you think about the plugin have some “default” set of libraries pre-installed to minimize the first download time for user? Something like morepy, ODE …

I’ve thought about something like that; but the problem is that we’re not sure which version of Panda the version p3d file will want to access. Well, we’re sure today that it will be 1.7. But after 1.8 is released, it might be either 1.7 or 1.8. And what about when 1.9, 2.0, and future versions are released? Should we pre-download all of them?

Besides, it doesn’t really save download time, all it does is move the download time to the first plugin download.


I´ve thinking something like when user install the plugin, the instalation process try to download packages (in background maybe).
Ok … we´re just switch the time for download packages from first access of game to plugin´s installation. I guess this change have a lot of difference to user. Maybe users are more sucetible to install time than the game load time.