Web Game Development

Is it possible to develop games that can be played in web using PANDA3D?
Actually i built a game using Panda3D :slight_smile:. Is it possible to convert that game into a web game?


Yedhu Sastri

Yes, it most certainly is!

I believe any version of Panda3D 1.7 or higher has the Web Plugin, which means you can make your panda app into a web app without nearly any changes to your program.

In fact, we have a few examples of this found here:

Of course, you need the panda3d runtime to play it (found here):

Now as far as making your application into a web app, packp3d will allow you to do that, find documentation for that here:

Also look in the manual for putting it on your website (found in the section “Distributing via the web” in the manual)


Yes, it is! Check out section III in the manual, titled “Distributing Panda3D Applications”. It goes into detail on how to embed Panda3D games into a web page.

thanks guys…