Web designing question for panda3d

Hey all, my team and I are trying to build a virtual 3D world using panda3D :slight_smile:

My question is about the website where using. The site is worpress based on the php code, right.

Will wordpress php code be okay working along side python? I was thinking the wordpress register info could intergrate for log in info, for the virtual world.

Our community game is going to be browser based by the way…

But another idea is I could go with onsite register info and a separate log in and register detail for the game.

I’m just brain storming here :slight_smile:


I’m not sure how you imagine the interaction between PHP and Python, since PHP (wordpress code) is run by the web server and Python code (the game) is executed on the client side as a browser subprocess. The only more or less direct connection between both is JavaScript, which you can use to interact with the Browser from inside an embedded Panda3d App and vice versa.

For managing user profiles through wordpress, I’d rather extend wordpress so that it writes its user data (username, pass) to a second database, which you can then read in your game using Python. You could theoretically also use the original database wordpress uses, but then you’d need to watch out for bugs in your game a lot and care more about security (remember: embedded apps are run on the client side).

Hey now you can directly create it with the help of wordpress and php