web app feedback

I would really appreciate feedback:

Does this work for you?

Yes/no/Platform, browser, os, etc?

Many thanks

Works for me. Ubuntu 10.10, Firefox 3.6.15.

Don’t know if there is audio or not - but I’m not getting any.

Works for me, Ubuntu 10.04 and Firefox

I don’t understand the scoring, but it works just fine for me. :slight_smile:
I am running Windows XP and Firefox.
I hear audio when the dice are thrown.

Win 7 + Chrome 10 -> works fine!

win7 chrome 10.0.648.133
had to click refresh and then it run fine, sound was there.

Thanks for checking! Still having some issues, some friends can’t get it to work.

I forget I’m running this on my machines which all have Panda3d installed on them.

On machines without the P3D runtime, do I have to explicitly provide a link to it on the page? Or will things just ‘work’ and direct the user to get the plugin?

Doesn’t work at all for me.

The only thing I’m getting is a black page with

            Dice in a Stone Box

‘C’ adds credits - ‘B’ adds bet - ‘space’ throws dice
(click on die in lower left corner)

and there is nothing else displayed

Window 7/64bits - Browser Firefox 3.6.15

Ah-Ha! That’s actually good. I’m seeing that on my laptop now. But my other machines at home and the ones at work all do fine.

Explains what my friends are seeing too.

Now, I wonder what the difference is?


I had a similar problem. I believe its just not displaying anything at all when the client has no panda3d runtime installed. There are ways around this though. See this page

You can check out what I did for my website here
I have no idea where I ended up finding the RunPanda java script but you can just pull it off of my website too.

win7 chrome 10.0.648.133
had to click refresh and then it run fine.
Same with your site:

works fine…

ffx4 rc2 - ubuntu 10.10

Mac OS X.6.6

Firefox 3.6.15

App runs fine after dismissing security warning of the plugin.

Safari 5.0.3

1st try: Plugin crashes.
2nd try: game runs fine, no security warning.

Fast download from server by the way.

Hm that doesnt run so well. Mouse wheel and right click does nothing. Graphical errors. When you open a new tab you get graphical glitches like this (Firefox, not Safari):

Generally the app gives graphical glitches and looks milky:

That first error is a known bug with Firefox. I don’t know what causes the second problem; perhaps a problem with shader support on your hardware?


That display issue has been reported by several others. I used the water shader from the YARR demo and I think the water buffer is somehow getting mixed up with the render.

Pardon for hijacking my post back but is there a way to have the plugin auto-install after it downloads?

I had a lot of people go ‘I downloaded the plugin but nothing happened’

Once I told them to run the downloaded file they sorta went duh, but just goes to show ya.

Also, is there a way to work with facebook?

Is that even possible?

No need to be sorry for re-hijacking… :smiley:
Concerning whether Panda will work on Facebook, I don’t use Facebook, so I’m not sure if it does.

However, if Facebook supports HTML5 or HTML4-embedded games, you should be good to go. Just create an

You can write Javascript code to control the whole plugin download and reload necessary to launch the game. But that’s a fair amount of work. You can see it done, for instance, by the Disney programmers at piratesonline.com .

It might be easier on your part just to put a helpful message like “Please refresh this page after you have installed the plugin.”

Facebook is a big web app. You can integrate with Facebook just like you can integrate with any other web apps. You’ll have to learn from Facebook how to make the appropriate Javascript API calls, assuming that by “work with” Facebook you mean you want to get useful information from Facebook like friend status and stuff like that, or post wall updates or whatever. If all you want is to share your game on Facebook, you can do that today by posting the link.


Well, I’m thinking seamless sorts of experiences for people who can just barely do email and facebook updates.

Downloading and installing a plugin can be a major hurdle for some.

So. Just wondering if anyone has turned a ‘panda app’ into a ‘facebook app’ ?

And, what are the possibilities of it working on Android and other mobile platforms?