wats with this cramp

How can you let such messages to be posted ond the forum
is the forum dead

dead? not at all… but seems like the moderators are busy or absend… somewhat looks like bot’s or whatever are spamming quite a lot. if this continues… :confused: something need to be done…^^

Yep, that’s a problem of phpBB boards; they seem to be very vulnerable to spam bots.

just discovered that some bots are posting several times!
ambr777 already posted 3 times the same cra*
pretty rude

Well, the forum isn’t “dead” - but as you stated already, the refs are quite busy… (but tbh: I don’t find spam right now. Guess drwr cleaned up - thanks! :smiley: )

Bots like phpbb because its the most used board software on the planet. - Its like Windows. You try to break/hack what will give you the highest reward.

This board at least needs a new spam-bot-awareness-module… (captcha) as stated in another thread.

Lets see if we can get something ready…

Regards, Bigfoot29

I’m not sure I would be a huge fan of another CAPTCHA. One already exists for account creation; to protect against automatic spamming on a manually-created account, there would have to be a CAPTCHA on the “post message” page. Having to prove I’m human every time I posted could get frustrating.

With the CAPTCHA on the new user account creation, a spammer at least has to manually intervene to create an account in the first place. In the general case, that might be enough protection, given the cost-benefit balance.

The idea was to replace the phpbb-captcha mechanism completely because most bots can recognize/decode it easily.

For each post a captcha-page? I guess thats a bit way off :smiley:

Maybe I said that in the wrong way. :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29