waiting for network answers of different defs

This code seems not to work because loginTest locks up the system. loginVerified works but not until after loginTest return. How can this be done?

class Network(DirectObject.DirectObject): # we only need one instance of this!!
    client = PandaNetworkingClient('journeytothestars.webhop.net', 9095)
    while not client.startNetwork() : print 'init failed connect, retrying'
    #print messenger
    print "hi network"

    def __init__(self, avatarsAll, player, gameNode):
        self.gameNode = gameNode
        #self.terrain = terrain
        self.playerDict = {}
        self.avatarAll = avatarsAll # a list of Avatar instances
        self.player = player
        # need to check for errors here, I think
        # SET UP broadcasting of data at set times.
        self.accept(PLAYERMOVE, self.playerDataIn)
        self.accept(STARTPLAYERS, self.startPlayersIn)  #   STARTPLAYERS
        self.accept(REMOVEPLAYER, self.removePlayerIn)
        self.accept(LOGINSTATUS, self.loginVerified)

    def loginTest(self, email, password):
        print '316 email, password', email, password
        self.answer = 99
        dataOut = {}
        dataOut[PACKETTYPE] = LOGIN
        dataOut[PLAYERID] =  self.client.ID
        dataOut[RECEIVER] = SERVER
        dataOut[PASSWORD] = password
        dataOut[EMAIL] = email
        print 'waiting in while'
        time = globalClock.getRealTime()
        print time
        while globalClock.getRealTime()-time < 10 :
            #print globalClock.getRealTime()-time  # wait for network answer to come back, add time out here.
        print 'out of while, answer', self.answer
        return self.answer

    def loginVerified(self, packet):
        #print 'packet 326', packet
        #packet[PACKETTYPE] = LOGIN
        #packet[SENDER] = SERVER
        #packet[LOGINSTATUS] = REJECTED
        # maybe print checking message
        #bad name try again
        #bad password try again
        #ok go to pickCharacter
        print "got the packet 337"
        self.answer = packet
        if packet == ACCEPTED:
            print 'logInStatus ACCEPTED'
        else :
            print 'login Status REJECTED'