VS 2010 cannot open input file Release\panda3dx.obj

Hi all

I’m trying to get panda3d to work with VS 2010. I followed all tutorials (added includes, Libs, linkers, changed to Release instead of Debug) I got around a lot or errors. but there is one last error that I can’t get rid of:
Error 1 error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘Release\panda3dx.obj’ K:\My\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\panda3d\panda3d\LINK panda3dx

panda3dx is the projects name. some said this was related to missing linkers, I double checked and everything was there.

Please help

I don’t know what this error message is about; it’s probably just a side-effect of some different error message, printed above that one.

But there’s a bigger problem: you can’t use MSVS 2010. People always try this. It may appear to work, but then it will crash in mysterious ways. You have to use MSVS 2008, because that’s the version of the compiler that we used to build Panda, and you can’t mix-and-match compilers in Windows. Blame Microsoft for this nonsense.

Fortunately, you can download a free version of MSVS 2008 Express which works perfectly well.


Thanks drwr

Actually I tried VS 2008 express, but it did not work for me. VB.net works fine, but C++ always gives me the error
Error 1 Error spawning ‘rc.exe’. Project hello

This is a visual studio thing and not a panda3d thing. will try to get around it somehow.