VRNinjas...an augmented reality fight game

This is a semester project and was mainly a test game which uses the artoolkit libary. It was the first time for us working with panda/python and we both are no Coders, but 3D Artists, but it was real fun to use this Engine!
You can see a demo video here:


very cool ! thank you for sharing !

That is so cool!

very nice!!

I must say, this is best example of the power of Panda3D so far.

Great work!

That’s pretty cool. Can you give some details on how it works? Is there a camera above reading the cards?

is the live image brought into the scenegraph, or is the scenegraph superimposed later?

Very impressive.

thanks everyone for the flowers!!!
We are starting working on a bigger app that also uses AR atm…

Tutunkommon: sorry that i reply so late:
Yes there is a camera reading the cards, but it´s the camera infront recording the “background” that you see in the final output. Sure, everything is live/realtime. If you want more infos, pm me or take a loook at “artoolkit”, thats the libary we used for “tracking” the cameraimage, and it also already implemeteed into Panda.


sunday_coder impressive! After saw your great game, i decided to play artoolkit with panda these days. i searched the forum and found less information and a fairly simple example. we under windows cannot use opencv but webcamvideo, not so good. when i ran the example and the position of the virtual object just deviate where it should be. i guess the card used to play video must be adjusted but cannot find the correct instructions. because our problem solver pro-rsoft don’t use windows in those threads :stuck_out_tongue:
i found there are artoolkit integrate to openscenegraph and java/c#/actionscript port they have examples accompany. as artoolkit so popular i wish we had panda examples too. could you and your team release some example code, it must be great for guys like me who want to play artoolkit with panda.
thank you very much.

Thank you very much, glad you liked our litle demo…
Yes theres defenitly not much information in the forum about artoolkit. But there is also not much to talk about, you already found that thread: discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php?t=6069
its a hidden gem, heres everything you need for the start :open_mouth:

“could you and your team release some example code”, my team is me and my girlfriend, we are both students … soo the part of our code with the artoolkit stuff is realy the same like in that thread above :blush:

good luck for finding the magic numbers (read your thread, youll know what i mean ^^


thanks a million sunday_coder, u r good man. yes, i’ve read the thread more than 5 times. i just confuse about the panda’s output, i try some other artoolkit integration engine they just work well immediatly no need to adjust by hand. there must be some weird config inside panda but i can’t find out why. anyway, u let me know that i need to do some experiment work myself to get the right place. :smiley: