vrml question

i was thinking about trying to make a quick demo in panda (i have some traditional programing experience) but the actual model creation always seemed to stop me. i found this

www-ui.is.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~takeo … index.html

which seems to make models with just the artstyle i want
it also converts to vrml which i can convert to egg and use(this is tested, it works)

i was thinking about using blender for the environments and this for the characters( i dont know enough about blender to use it for characters)

so i am wondering if vrml can be animated, and by what program?

ps: i didnt want to put this in pipeline because that seems more about conversion, which i can already do

I don’t believe our vrml2egg convertor supports animation, sorry. So even if your VRML file is successfully animated, it won’t be properly converted to egg.


ah, and right after i just foung a good vrml animation tool :confused:

oh well, you win some you lose some, i guess i will just try harder to learn blender more, its gui just scares me off every time i try.

by the way, great engine

edit: i just had an idea, what if i converted it to another format and then converted it too .egg?

sorry about the double post…

problem solved :exclamation:

i learned that an old version of blender can import vrml 97 (the current can only do v 1.0)

so i can make the models in teddy, import them in blender 2.25, export them to a .blend, open it in the current blender,animate them(i decided to do the animation in blender), then export them to a file which i can then covert to a .egg and put in panda3d

that is what i call a pipeline :laughing: