VR Equipment

I have a pair of 5DT data gloves and nest of bird trackers and was wondering how difficult it is to interface them with panda3d? I know there already is a set of classes defined, but I am not sure what brand of equipment they interface to. Also what is the best way to get the VR equipment working with panda. I am contemplating using panda for the vr work, but I am not really sure how much work it will be making the the C drivers available in panda. I can grasp the basics, but are there any problems people at CM have run into???

Don’t know what the gloves are, but I do know what a nest-of-birds is.

There’s a client-server system out there called “VRPN” which is designed to help interface trackers to programs that use trackers. The way it works is that the VRPN server reads from the tracker device. The client software connects to the VRPN server to fetch the tracker data in a standard format.

Panda includes a VRPN client. However, the standard VRPN server does not include a nest-of-birds driver. So to use this approach, you’d have to add nest-of-birds support to vrpn.