Volumetric Lighting

The last time I tried Volumetric Lighting, things didn’t go good. I was able to get the shaders to “kick in”, but the entire screen received this cascaded light look. My Sun Object did not look like it was giving off Sun Rays either.

Of course I was doing something wrong. Either it was the values I was entering for the Volumetric Lighting settings, or my Sun Object was not prepared correctly.

Has anyone had true success using Volumetric Lighting? I mean that perfect look of a Sun giving off sun rays, along with the bright spot in your eyes when looking at the sun object?

If so, could you give me some pointers/advice on achieving the same thing?

I’m going to set up an object that’s low to the ground this time, so I can see it easily…then I’m going to try Volumetric Lighting once more.

The trick is to understand the parameters and then tweak them to your needs. It’d be a good idea to play with them in the Python interactive console.