Volumetric Light with ATI

Hello all…
for some reasons I had to change the graphic cardfrom GF 8400 Special Edition 512MB to ATI HD 5450 Radeon 1G and install the windows again

After reinstall Panda3D-1.7.0 and try to fix the shader in the etc/config.prc by putting
basic-shaders-only #f
other than:
basic-shaders-only #t
but the problem of volumetric light still with no solution and I had the problem I had before in this thread
[url]Problem with volumetric light]

Is there a problem with ATI card??
Thanks in advance

I think, because i’ve big problems too, specially with the automatic shaders

I didn’t have problems with distortion shader (in the tutorial) or with cartoon-ink
maybe volumetric light have something with ATI??..any other replies!!

I get red screen too.

do you use ATI also??

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i got the red screen in my ATI Radeon 4250 and i tried it in Nvidia 9400gt and it worked well :frowning:

The problem is that the filter is based on cg shader language witch is made by nvidia and not widely supported in ATI cards so u will find that alot of cg shader examples will work in low fps or not work at all with ati cards because it’s optimized for nvidia

ATI supports GLSL shader language that is also supported by panda3d and runs very well in all operating system with both ati and nvidia cards

Actually, that’s nonsense, as the Cg toolkit merely translates a Cg shader to an OpenGL program or GLSL shader (depending on the selected shader profile). A Cg shader should run equally well on an ATI card as on an NVIDIA card.

OK man i hope u r right and u can help me with this problem , the problem is that the Volumetric Light and another couple of manual shader examples are not working at any ati card at all whatever the power of this card is “error message ‘cg shader too complex’” but works on nvidia very well and the other examples works at low fps compared the the equivalent Nvidia card
when i searched google about the shader i found alot of people saying that
cg is powered by nvidia and optimized to work better with nvidia cards
HLSL powered by Microsoft and works well with ati and nvidia but on windows only
GLSL is the opengl shading language , works on ati and nvidia on multi-platform but and it works better with ATI cards
if it was like u said , so where is the problem ? why this shaders are not working at all on ATI and works fine with any nvidia card is the problem in panda3d ?

OK…to put a suitable solution to the problem, someone could convert the VolumetricLight shader from Cg to GLSL
and see if the problem still or not
Is there any expert to do that, cause my info in shaders are like a baby

I think the Cg toolkit falls back to the glslv/glslf profiles if you set basic-shaders-only to false, which means that it will generate GLSL code internally and use that. So I can assure you there won’t be a difference.

I think the problem is simply that your ATI card doesn’t support the advanced shader that Panda3D generates. I will try to change this so that the shader isn’t as complex, it will have to wait till 1.7.1 though.

OK, I think it had something to do with ATI cards not supporting variable-length loop in shaders. I’ve allowed automatic unrolling of loops now.
The fix will be in 1.7.1 - or if you wait 24 hours, the next buildbot run will also pick up the fixes.

If anyone could try it when the next build is out, and report back to me, that would be great.

Well…we will try the next buildbot to see if that works or not…if it succeed and works with most people then you can put it in Panda3D-1.7.1

i tried it with ATI HD 4730 & ATI HD 4250 and ‘ynjh_jo’ tried it with ATI HD4670 1GB GDDR3 and ‘D_A_M_H’ tried it with ATI HD 5450 so it’s not only my card and it’s not an old card it’s High End cards that can run any new game at the market i don’t think they are the problem at all

thanks very much , I’ve tried the ver 1.71 and the Volumetric Light works fine , but i wanna ask u question , did u fixed the Volumetric Light shader or the panda3d shader system because a lot of manual shader examples still not working .
thanks very much for your help :smiley:

I only changed the Volumetric Lighting shader.

ie. only the 21KB panda3d.cvs.sourceforge.net/view … y?view=log

That works. :smiley:

It worked well with me too…good job
I think the problem is now solved