visual studio 2008

Hello i am going to start using msvs for my IDE but was wondering how do you remove the NDEBUG macro definition sorry just cant find it and i would like to get my project all set up before i go throught the tuturials.


Right click in your project; properties; configuration properties; c/c++; preprocessor; preprocessor definitions and remove it from there.

EDIT: You could also use “#undef NDEBUG” right before your library includes.

I would add it to the manual but since it isn’t gonna be an issue for 1.7 I guess I shouldn’t.


Don’t bother, David already added that a while ago. … oldid=6108

Yeah, I knew that. This whole thread exists because OP read that, actually. I was talking about adding instructions for changing preprocessor definitions in c++, but it seemed a bit pointless.