Vista: Hello World, run is not defined

So a friend of mine just installed panda on his machine, which runs Vista. When he tries to run any .py file via the command line from any folder other than the panda sample folder, he gets a peculiar error. The command window lists all the files he’s accessing through the import direct.directbase.DirectStart call, but then it says that the global name run is not defined. However, if the file is in the samples folder, or even in his newly made subfolder, it will run fine. Any idea what’s going on?

bumped. Just to keep this thread alive.

Threadstarter: Is there a solution already? If no, can you provide a command on how he starts the python file? And maybe you can give us a real error message?

Regards, Bigfoot29

Unfortunately, no solution was found. In addition, the person who had the problem has dropped from the project.