Vista 64 Maya2Egg2008

Trying to run maya2egg2008 on my 64 bit vista computer, any thoughts?


I don’t think maya2egg supports 64-bits maya. Install the 32-bits version of Maya.

this is a bit dirty, but it works,install panda 1.5, at your system (environment) variables -> let the bin point to your panda 1.5 and the python pointing to your new panda version

if its not working, deinstall first your new version of panda, after you installed 1.5 reinstall it. but be sure about the setting of your system (enivornment) variables…


What is the point of doing that? It sounds like you are suggesting to use maya2egg from a previous version of Panda. Admittedly I’ve never used maya2egg from Panda 1.5, but if it doesn’t support 64 bit in the latest version of Panda then I’m assuming it didn’t support 64 bit before either.

It’s a little difficult to understand what you are suggesting though, so perhaps I’m misunderstanding what you suggested.

EDIT: I just noticed this post of yours in another thread

Okay you didn’t mention here that you also switched to an old version of Maya. So really this has nothing to do with the version of Panda, but rather the version of Maya. That’s what pro-rsoft said, use a different version of Maya.

huh, i cant find a word about maya 64 bit , just about vista 64 bit. show me please that part in this thread, i would glad about, maybe i need goggles…

only the error message could depend on a maya64 but this isnt for sure.
at mine computer vista 64, at the release of panda1.6.2 wasnt a maya exporter working, not 2009, not 2008 either 8.5… thats why i switched pack to panda1.5 for getting the maya2008 (32bit) working on vista64!

ah, thank you for that additional information. Your first post is not written very clearly so it is difficult to tell what exactly you were saying. And then rather than getting uptight about the problem, you should have simply reported the bug. This is an open-source project after all; it is likely that you were simply the first person to notice the bug.

Anyway, if maya2egg2008 from a previous version of Panda works correctly in Vista 64 but maya2egg2008 in the latest version of Panda does not, that is rather peculiar. We should track down why the exporter has stopped working (ie. what has changed since then.)

Also, yes it would appear pro-rsoft got mixed up between whether the OP was talking about Vista 64 or Maya 64. It is unnecessary for you to be passive-aggressive about that.

huh, im quiet sure im not the first person who noticed this problem, who is atrum and all the other user??? and i dont want to spend time into, to count all the user with this bug, but be sure those are tons :wink: just search the forum and you will find lot of posting, afterwards calc all the hit for those threads, then divide thoses hits by quad :smiley: and you will have the count of all the persons with this bug :wink:

thanks, this i want to do next (figuring out when the exporter got buggy), i only remembered me that everything works fine in the panda1.5 release with maya32 and vista64.

Well, Atrum was running into an entirely different issue here.

Oh my mistake, I thought atrum made his post after yours because that’s the order I read them. So I guess atrum is the first person to notice the bug.

Regardless, you are still only the second. I’m not sure where you get the sense that there is an ocean of other users having the same problem. I’ve never heard of this problem until your thread, and for reference I just performed a search as you suggested to see if any threads other than yours and atrum’s pops up. I searched “maya vista 64” and those two were the only threads referring to problems running maya2egg on Vista 64.