Visible ground with Bullet Hello World

I am a beginner of Bullet Panda3D, studying the examples of Bullet Hello Wordl in … ello_World

In the exapmle, the ground as plane is not visible.
Please tell me how to make it visible.

Is your question about debug rendering (that is for developers, to see where the collision shapes are), or about the end user mode, i. e. what players will see?

In the first case: read on to the second page of the manual.

In the second case: the same way like the example does it for the dynamic rigid body - load a model from an .egg file and reparent it to the rigid body node. The second is not mandatory, since static bodies usually don’t change their transform.

Hint: the geometry seen by players (visible geometry) is usually more detailed than the geometry used for collision detection and physics (collision shapes). Even with physics engines like Bullet/PhysX/Havok it is expensive to have very complex collision shapes, and for acceptable game feeling it is not required to have such complex collision shapes.

Thank you for giving me an intelligible course!
It’s very clear for me, and I recognize what you said "what players will see? "
According to your help, I will try both method.