Virtual exhibition

Hi! I am new to Panda and Python. This is my first application, I hope you like it:)

controls: â†

Cool little scene, makes a great demo for learning Panda with!

Looks great!

I discovered one ‘glitch’: face the door, then slowly walk towards it until they swing open. Then quickly move back, and while the door is closing, walk forward again. The door will then ‘pop’ open without animation.

indeed nice. another glitch. if you walk away from a picture, the title fades away and then pops into view and remains there.
btw. you can make the lights on your ceiling a tick brighter. gray lights always look strange.

Thank you very much! Yes, I know about these bugs and other little things which should be corrected. :slight_smile:

Sorry if my english bad

sweet snippet maple!
if this is your first work as a P3D+python n00b I can’t imagine what you’ll able to do when you’ll get practice!
thank you for share

How do I shoot?

:slight_smile: Just kidding. Nice-looking gallery. It’d be handy if you could press a button while you were near a photo to bring up a high-quality version in the 2D plane…

Thanks to all! I am glad that you liked