View EGG Code

How to view the Egg file code for the World.egg(Roaming Ralph Example)?
Please help.


I’m not sure i get your question.
The “.egg” file is a text file so opening it with any Text Editor will do.

Now, in the sample, the file is world.egg.pz
That means it’s a compressed egg file.
In the bin folder of P3D you have pzip and punzip that compressed and uncompressed “.egg” file to / from “.pz” files

So if you got Panda3D installed in “K:\ARK\P3D” you could simply do in command line:


k:\ARK\P3D\BIN\punzip world.egg.pz

This will create a world.egg file in the right models folder.

PS: On linux you will have to adapt folder convention :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !
In 3DSMax a way to create collision mesh is to include following code:
{ Polyset keep descend }
(Please correct if i am wrong)

Is there any other way so that we can create a Collision mesh (preferably not through coding).